7 mars 2012

ECHR: inadequate protection from natural disasters breaches property rights, Kolyadenko et al., 17423/05

There was a flood in August 2001 in the Vladivostok City, Russian coast of the Sea of Japan. The level of water reached 1.20 – 1.50 meters. The ECHR held the Russian Government responsible for the violation of the property rights, and of the right to home (Аrticle 8 of the Convention) due to the destruction of houses by the flood. Failure to maintain the channel of the Pionerskaya River in a proper state of repair by public authorities influenced the damage of property (§ 213).

The Government maintained that there was no evidence that the damage to the homes and possessions could have been avoided if the channel had been cleaned up, and that it was a natural disaster in the form of exceptionally heavy rain (§ 206). The European Court took a report of the Vladivostok Administration dated 04 07 2001 as a proof of State's guilt (§ 21).

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