16 oct. 2011

ECJ: contractual clause prohibiting Internet trade is illegal, Pierre Fabre, C-439/09

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique SAS manufactures and markets cosmetics and personal care products under brands Avène, Galénic, Ducray and Klorane. Their general contractual clause imposed an obligation on distributors was that the products have to be sold in a “physical space” in the presence of a person with a diploma in pharmacy, which de facto excluded internet trade (§§ 13-14).

Pierre Fabre tried to justify the clause with an intention to provide a personalized advice in order to ensure “cosmetovigilance” (§§ 17, 25), avoiding the risks of counterfeiting and free-riding between authorized pharmacies (§ 23), need to maintain the prestigious image of the products (§ 45). The French Competition Authority decided that the real aim of the clause is to prevent selling the goods to non-authorised distributors, to reduce considerably the ability of an authorized distributor to sell the contractual products to consumers outside its contractual territory, and to restrict competition (§§ 19, 38). Pierre Fabre got a fine of € 17 000.

The ECJ adjudicated that the reasons given by Pierre Fabre did not have a legitimate aim for restricting competition (§§ 44, 46).

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