29 juil. 2011

ECJ extends the applicability of EU law to foreign Internet intentions, L’Oréal v eBay, C-324/09

While analyzing applicability of EU law, we are used to structure the deduction according to location, time, person, and matter.  This time, the Grand Chamber of the ECJ made a new development: in order to say whether EU trademark law is applicable to Internet trade, one must answer whether the seller intended to attract EU consumers (§§ 61-62).

eBay International AG was attacked by L’Oréal SA for providing online market place for the goods covered with the trademarks of the latter (including advertising them through Google).  Those goods were sold by sellers established outside the EU, and were not forwarded to the EU territory. The UK, Italy, Portugal, Poland and, of course, the Commission supported L’Oréal.

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